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Is air conditioning good at heating

Yes, see below

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Boilers warm water for heating or service use such as taps kitchen equipment, there are lots of different types of boilers which suit many different types of installations including Atmospheric boilers, Forced/induced-draught boilers, Modular boilers, Condensing boilers, Dual-fuel boilers, Boiler chimneys, biomass, solar thermal and heat pumps.

This can be daunting and you’re not expected to know which type you need installing or maintenance retirements for each type, choosing to employ the services of a good reputable company is key, incorrect maintenance or selection by price and not practicality can prove very expensive in the long term.

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What are Radiators?

Radiators are normally connected to boilers via pipework, warm water is pumped round them to provide heating to rooms, contrary to their name radiators give more heat through convection than they radiate and are commonly used in homes and naturally ventilated buildings, normally you would see them located around the edge of a room or under a window and by placing the radiator under the window this floor draught is directed upwards thanks to convection from the rising hot air, making the room feel warmer and providing a more even distribution of heat. Any draught current around the room will thus be warm air.

Radiators are good at providing a balanced room temperature but they are slow to react to any changes in temperature setting.

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What are convection heaters?

Convection heaters are normally connected to boilers via pipework, warm water is pumped round them to provide heating to rooms, they are similar to radiators but usually contained in a box, inside are pipes and fins which when hot create convection effect and hot air comes out of the top and colder air is drawn in at the bottom, sometimes they have fans inside to accelerate the convection effect.

Convector heaters and fan convector heaters are quicker than radiators but have increased maintenance needs as they tend to block with dust quicker.

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Tell me about Underfloor heating

Two common types of underfloor heating are low temperature hot water systems (commonly attached to heat pumps now) and electric element type .Both types are installed similar, either a network of plastic pipe work or heating cable on the floor slab with screening over the top and insulation underneath.

Underfloor heating can give a good even temperature and a good choice for buildings with high ceilings or to overcome a cold floor.

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When would I choose radiant heaters?

Radiant heating systems are typically used in buildings such as warehouses, industrial units and sports halls and don’t warm the air but warm people and surfaces directly, similar effect to standing in the sun light. This can offer an efficient way to maintain comfort levels in buildings where doors are constantly being opened to outside or it isn’t realistic to heat the entire area.

Radiant heaters can be fueled by gas or have hot water running through them.

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Warm air blowers.

Warm air unit heaters are typically used in large shops, factories and other industrial applications, usually installed on the floor or at high level with destrat fans to push the warm air down. They mostly run on gas but are often seen running on oil in buildings that don’t have a gas supply to them.


Warm air blowers are quick and easy to install plus ductwork can be connected to them, maintenance costs can be high though, especially for the high level mounted types, they are also noisy.

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