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"Airmaster are very reliable and well organised. They do the work correctly and punctually, and if we need anything, there is always someone with the authority to respond available to speak with."

Tom Stewart
Stewarts Commercial Contractors

"I've found Airmaster to be responsive, their quality of work is very good and they provide excellent service. If we've ever had any issues with our equipment, they have been happy to rectify them."

Paul Horsburgh, Managing Director
Bulb Interiors Ltd

"It's critical that we don't disrupt the workings of our surgery when we get our air conditioning serviced. Airmaster came and serviced our units at a time convenient to the surgery and our patients. They don't disturb us; they are reliable, they stick to schedule and when they are here you don't even know it, they are so quiet."

Georgia Khandaker
School Road Dental Surgery

"In one word- excellent. They are quick and efficient and every time we need something from them, it is provided. I've never had any qualms. Airmaster are fantastic - they just get it right and never let us down. They look after all of our demands."

Darren Hurndall, Property & Facilities Operations Team Manager
Student Loans Company Ltd.

I only need one word: Fantastic!

They did a job at a crematorium, reclaiming lost heat from the building. Their team gave excellent advice and knowledge on this unusual commission.

"They are all great at Airmaster - we absolutely love them. In fact, I have recommended them this week.”

No complaints, right mindset. They are downright excellent! This has been the first winter in which our heating system has worked properly and continually thanks to Airmaster. They come out when they say they will, which is a contrast to some companies.

I've never had any qualms. I've had some bad contractors - some shockingly awful - and Airmaster are fantastic.

Very professional outfit and they always deliver what they promise.

They do a very thorough job. But more to the point, when there are any problems they are willing and professional about sorting them out.

Airmaster are productive, efficient, friendly and polite.

Reliable and professional. What I like about Ian is that he used to be a fitter; he is hands on, not your typical teeth and aftershave salesman.

Knowledgeable and efficient. I have already recommended them to other businesses.

Extremely enthusiastic. They helped us through a sticky situation with enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise. Ian took control and did a super job. We got the air con working in an environment beyond the original scope.

Fantastic- and reliable. We always get a call to book in services and they always work at times convenient to us. If we ever have emergencies in our server rooms, they have been there the same day or the following day.

They're great - you don't even know they are here.

Airmaster are always really competent and they always fit us in when they have said they would.

Airmaster are reliable. Their communication is great; they are representing us and they do so really well… we have complete faith in Airmaster.

Fantastic customer service. Flexibility. Reliable.

Technically very competent. The service I have experienced has been very good. Their USP is enthusiasm, knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile.

Airmaster just get it right and never let us down. They look after all of our demands – and we are demanding - we know we are.

Airmaster honestly always give 100% from all of the team. We are looking at a couple of options for new build at the moment and Airmaster will get the business.

It is not just about price; the ability to hook up to the energy management system is critical, plus integration plus giving really good technical advice on the aircon side. With Airmaster, the relationship is proactive, not just about maximising their sales values.

Their great service has been backed up by competence.

"When we got them in for the install - you couldn't fault them then the maintenance and our ongoing relationship is excellent."